Healing Harvest from Harm

HHH Introduction

Healing Harvest from Harm models reclaiming body sovereignty after trauma. Healing Harvest from Harm {HHH} is embodied emotional alchemy, transforming trauma from frozen unfelt paralysis into free-flowing expressive life energy. HHH contributes to the new culture of consent that we are co-creating through sharing tools, techniques, and tales of how to reclaim rapture after rupture.

The HHH guidebook/workshop ‘CoSenZ Consent’ cultivates consent in all directions – developing inner knowledge about preferences & boundaries and how to speak them as well as teaching how to tune into the communication of others. A key component of ‘CoSenZ Consent’ is schooling ‘SomaSenZ’ – honing the ability to use the body as a communication conduit for the subconscious, recognizing the signs of self & other, and deepening dialoguing between them.

The first pillar of CoSenZ is cultivating corporeal confidence – learning the somatic signals of your subconscious communicating through the body. From this familiarity with your subconscious’s vocabulary, you learn to associate body signals with proto-feelings and preemptive indications of triggers / boundaries, ultra-sensitizing your intuition. This development promotes knowing & naming the luscious landscape of your preferences, desires, patterns & boundaries. The second pillar of CoSenZ is practicing conveying personal truths in voice & action through verbal and non-verbal communication. The third pillar of CoSenZ is heightening sensitivity to the body language of others, be they of platonic or romantic relation, and responding with spacious compassion, allowing for maximum freedom. Through dilating perception and deepening dialogue between inner sense and external world we live more authentically and intimately, encouraging those around us to do the same.

X and HHH

CoSenZ Consent would have prevented my violation

I am passionate about expanding access to ‘CosenZ Consent’ and HHH because widespread knowledge of these stories and skills will prevent the desecrations I had to endure from being unexamined and thus perpetuated by default (often due to cycles of victims becoming perpetrators). If we were embedded in a culture that was actively practicing the skills and techniques taught in ‘CoSenZ Consent’, I would not have had a traumatizing series of introductions into sexuality. I would have had knowledge of my preferences, boundaries, and pre-trauma signals, as well as the confidence to speak and advocate for myself. Additionally, my perpetrators would have been trained in reading the body language of others, and would have been able to identify the signs of the ‘Tonic Immobility’ paralysis trauma response that I and many others enter. In this way ‘CoSenZ Consent’ and HHH heal the rift that causes us to drop each other by building a bridge from both sides : encouraging courageous expression of inner world and training perception of the deeper patterns present in how others communicate.  

New Directions towards Desire

HHH, as a mirror of my life, has until this point been solely a platonic touch project. Now, after a lifetime of exploring asexual celibacy, I am pushing into the edge of my vulnerability through exploring embodying eros and seeking sexual healing.

HHH is a ‘life as art’ project documenting my process of reclaiming body sovereignty after a series of traumatic introductions into sexuality. Through my transparency in recording this process, HHH becomes a visible example of how to dislodge embodied trauma and explore intimate relationships. As I continue to feel safe and supported in my healing, I become more receptive to recovering my Sovereign Sexuality. I hope to feel sustained enough to explore what I have understandably feared for so long – carnal knowledge.

Sovereign State Sensing, Sexuality, & Sex

When a being is in a Sovereign State of Sensing they are steered by stewardship of their embodiment and energy. An interaction can be said to have Sovereign Status when all parties have felt fully free in choosing how to be interacted with without externally imposed influence. When in a Sovereign State, free will is a regarded as a royal power that all play a role in responsibly respecting. Thus, Sovereign Sexuality is sexual expression that is free and independent, honoring the supreme sovereignty residing in the self as ultimate power in choice. Sovereign Sexuality is the antipode to sexuality that is imposed through outside pressure or coercion from individuals, groups, or cultures.  Sovereign Sexuality is inherently anti-shaming, embracing diversity of desire, and champions a framework in which connection is catalyzed by consent. Following this theme, Sovereign Sex is intimacy that is mutually enthusiastically consented to in every unfolding moment (through reading and respecting non-verbal somatic cues and supplementing with verbal inquiry when there is uncertainty or desire for more detail).

Unique meta-perspective

 Since high school I have been self-propelled in researching and meta-analyzing the field of psychology to understand the web of relationships and patterns we are embedded in and have a grasp on the gaps in the current models. I am uniquely positioned to ethnographically describe the story of trauma recovery from perspective of both client and therapist– for most of my adult life I have been investigating and healing my own trauma patterns through therapy and academic studies in counselling psychology at Northwestern University and CIIS. The two most major physical injuries of my life diverted me from completing my Masters in Somatic Psychology and instead directed me deep into embodied trauma release, creating consent culture, and producing somatic sanctuaries for body explorers to play and repattern in. From a leadership position in the Movement Movement I analyzed the structures of curative corporeal cultures from within. Through my involvement in Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance, Heart Tribe, Radical Bodywork, BSDM, Kink, play parties, and the sex-positivity & body-positivity movements, I was able to recognize the meta-structures of these scenes. From compiling and categorizing this codex of un/stated cultural codes I harvested a set of guidelines as a roadmap for right relation in the physical realm. My personal experience with witnessing and participating in the power potentiation of group healing fields led me to the creation of therapeutic touch performance healing collective ‘SomanautZ’ and reoriented me towards creating cultural containers for change.

In my deep and diverse studies and healing work I have learned and developed effective tools and techniques that helped me return to wholeness, and I seek to do justice to the privilege of receiving these teachings through sharing best practices. I believe evolution is collective (plus this planet is more fun with playmates).

              HHH is my living legacy – creating compassionate cultural conditions so that no one experiences what I survived. I work to weave a world that teaches the skills that will free us from future violation and supports those who have been traumatized to thaw and transform. I know there are many others engaging in process of healing, and I am documenting and distributing my path as one model among many for survivors, allies, helpers, and cultural changemakers. May HHH produce insight and inspiration as an illuminating illustration of integrity in vivo.

              As additional resources are given to this project, I look forward to expanding the scope of HHH to include many more stories and technologies beyond those that have served my path so far. In its ideal form, HHH will be a comprehensive guidebook and research portal for evolving and honing methods of trauma release & repatterning as well as cultivating preemptively robust and salubrious consent culture. HHH is in service to healing for us all, and am grateful for your support in furthering our free future.